The Grand Exposure


Chad Reynaolds, Scott Miller, Kyler Fillerup


Since they were mere pre-teens, the three members of Return To Sender have been playing music together, refining music together, and, most importantly, dreaming together. Their first break came when fellow Utah musician Branden Steinekert (Rancid/ex-The Used) offered to record the band’s first three-song demo for a major label. After some more life lessons and experiences, the band decided to take full control of their future, learning how to record and mix their own music.

After that discovery in 2006, this threesome has been meticulously crafting a sound that would give them an edge, eventually putting it to tape themselves and on their own time. Put simply, they’ve managed to gain that edge by returning to the roots of rock n roll. While there are hints of everything from shoegazing post-rock, 80’s Brit-pop, and gritty hardcore on their debut album entitled Grand Exposure, Return To Sender are grounded in a style of rock music that is hard to find amongst today’s scene darlings.


This influence can be heard throughout the songs on The Grand Exposure but perhaps never more than in “X-Men” where the band manages to create a brooding atmosphere that is lighten by a series of crescendos and twinkling guitar riffs. To put it simply, this song demonstrates Return To Sender’s inspiring chemistry that is a result of years of jamming together.

While The Grand Exposure has been many years in the making, these fine lads are more than ready to release their music to the world knowing full well the kind of challenges they will face along the way. With an average age of just 20 years old, Return To Sender are more than ready to accept whatever may be thrown at them. As they say, “Bring it on!”

Return To Sender is Chad Reynolds (vocals, guitar), Scott Miller (drums), and Kyler Fillerup (bass). They are from Provo, Utah. The band produced and mixed The Grand Exposure themselves. The album was released on August 5, 2008.