The Grand Exposure


Artist: Return To Sender Title: The Grand Exposure
Catalog Number: FIVE018 Release Date: 08.05.08

Indie rock trio from UT, Return To Sender's sophomore album.



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Our newest and youngest, Return To Sender’s Five One debut and their second. While there are hints of everything from shoe gazing post-rock, 80’s Brit-pop, and gritty hardcore, they are grounded in a style of rock music that is hard to find amongst today’s scene darlings.

Track List:
01. 88
02. Fast Track
03. Spit Me Out
04. The Grand Exposure
05. Seeing Someone
06. Perspective
07. X-Men
08. Dutch/Boyz/Dance/Floor
09. Lights Out
10. This is a Nation
11. Hearts Go Thundering


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