The Bandit Lab


Artist: Sister Sonny  Title: The Bandit Lab
Catalog Number: FIVE006  Release Date: 8/5/2003

The 4th album from another of Norway's best kept secrets, Sister Sonny.

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The 4th album from another of Norway’s best kept secrets. Over 70 mins of classy and beautifully crafted pop/rock. With great depth and diversity, it’s a perfect blend of electronica and acoustic instrumentation. Great stuff you don’t want to miss!

Track List:
01. Rumba Parumba
02. Sonnyology
03. Nothing Amuses The People As A Puppet
04. Superpurple
05. Stupid And The Silver Fox
06. Neon Party
07. Leonard In Drag
08. Educating Jimmy
09. Schlafen Zie ?
10. Thank You, Robert
11. Watching A House Burn Down
12. Girl At The Heart Of My Grief
13. Burning Teddy
14. Cameron
15. Bugs Dream #2
16. Sickest Move
17. Watchman


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