Quiet & Still


Artist: Even Johansen  Title: Quiet & Still
Catalog Number: FIVE002  Release Date: 5/15/2001

The solo debut album from Norway's Even Johansen aka Magnet.

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The amazing solo debut from Norway’s own, Even Johansen features the original version of “Where Happiness Lives ” and ” Nothing Hurts Now” later released as Magnet. Subtle, acoustic based rock made waves throughout the world. It’s a true solo album recorded entirely by Johansen, from playing all of the instruments to engineering and producing.

Track List:
01. Recluse
02. Where Happiness Lives
03. Bullet To Your Heart
04. Easily Undone
05. Nothing Hurts Now
06. There’s An End To This
07. Private Jinx
08. Quiet & Still
09. Dancing In The Moonlight
10. Beautiful Day
11. Home Song


“Everyone has one of those favorite albums that immediately resets their mental state to one of quiet and appreciation for all the good things in life. You know the kind – after a long day of inept people telling you to do stupid things, you can come home and grab your favorite liquid relaxant, slide in the CD, and the day just melts away with delicate, lovely, haunting music. This is that album. EJ wrote, played all instruments, and produced this little Norwegian gem. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who need a break from the hassles of life – and from loud music” –3WK

“A gorgeously understated collection of celestial ballads and soft-footed pop melodies, Quiet & Still draws equally from Britpop sumptuousness and self-absorbed moodiness……” –CMJ WEEKLEY


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