Joe Maynard’s Favorites


Artist: Poor Rich Ones  Title: Joe Maynard's Favourites
Catalog Number: FIVE004  Release Date: 5/20/2003

US original very best of Poor Rich Ones.

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A retrospective of Poor Rich Ones ‘best’ tracks, Joe Maynard’s Favorites is the band’s best introduction to the U.S. Featuring 12 great tunes from releases prior to the “Happy Happy Happy” album, plus 2 brand new songs and 2 live tracks.

Track List:
01. Milwaukee (new song)
02. Old Age And Failures (new song)
03. Strong – “from the makers of ozium”
04. Fear Of Losing – “from the makers of ozium”
05. Blind – “bubble bowling” ep
06. Kindly Country – “from the makers of ozium”
07. Other Days – “naivety’s star”
08. English Popsong – “soundtrack ep”
09. It Follows You – “soundtrack ep”
10. Clean And New – “from the makers of ozium”
11. Habit – “all those present” ep
12. Drop – “bubble bowling” ep
13. My Book Of Friends – “from the makers of ozium”
14. Mummy – “naivety’s star”
15. Leave (Live) – “all those present” ep
16. Circular World (Live) – “all those present” ep


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