Get Hot


Artists: Facing New York Title: Get Hot
Catalog Number: FIVE019 Release Date: October 14, 2008

Highly anticipated second full length from Bay Area's Facing New York



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In early 2008, Facing New York found itself in the midst of an almost monastic paring down. The once five-manned modern prog powerhouse had become three, sharing meals and sleeping on the same floor of an old Berkeley homestead. Throwing their anxieties into the face of the mid-twenties tumult, they filled the blank spots of old members with new loves (Steve Reich and Fela Kuti), and hit the studio renewed: three solid dudes scratching at their collective, imperfect core. The resulting album makes no apologies for the truths they discovered the humor, the confusion, the musicality, the masculinity, the ceaseless groove and the sum of these parts is more than a rebirth. In both title and content, this is FNY’s long-awaited mission statement: Get Hot.

Track List:
01. Cops on Bikes
02. Give Love
03. Get Hot
04. All A This
05. Comin Up
06. Hardwood Floors
07. Gesture
08. Man Up
09. How Gong I’m Gonna Be Lawn
10. Get Hot Reprise (Is What It Is)
11. Me n My Friendz


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