Facing New York


Artist: Facing New York Title: Facing New York
Catalog Number: FIVE012 Release Date: 8.30.2005

Bay Area's indie/prog rock group, Facing New York's debut album

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Bay Area’s indie/prog rock group, Facing New York’s debut album released in 2005. It was produced, recorded and mixed by Facing New York and Scott Llamas. In order to duplicate the energy of their stage performance, the band recorded the most parts live in the studio. The album stands as a testament to their lives.

Track List:
01. We Are
02. Javelina
03. Cutting My Hair
04. Full Turn
05. Apple Sugar Cider
06. Flagstaff
07. Tip Of The Iceberg
08. Styrofoam Walls
09. Fly On The Wall
10. Butterfly Clock

“On their debut full-length, Bay Area boho-ruffians Facing New York score the quarter-life crisis with all the Baroque flourish of Vatican City on a cloudy day (think Dismemberment Plan meets Zep and the Police). Dense, dark, nervy, and at times downright sexy, this is music to drink absinthe, fuck, paint or cry to. Preferably, all at once.” –Filter Magazine

“Facing New York’ is an ethereal exploration of the human spirit.” –MSNBC.COM

“This is the most original disc we’ve heard all year” –Alternative Press


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