Joe Maynard's Favourites

Happy Happy Happy


 William, Blue, Tor, Björn, Eivind

Norway’s Poor Rich Ones have received both critical and public acclaim with their ethereal vocals and extraordinary melancholic pop. In 1998, the band won the Spellemannsprisen, which is the Norwegian equivalent of the Grammy Awards for their second album "From the Makers of Ozium." Poor Rich Ones have been acclaimed as one of the most exciting new acts to come out of Norway. CMJ writes, "William’s cool falsetto makes sure you remember each song’s melody, and underneath, there’s plenty more to grab you…sharp electric guitar parts… and keyboard gurglings give these songs an open-ended feel."

Their debut album, "Naivety's Star" was recorded in an old apartment in their hometown, Bergen, west coast in Norway, and released in 1995. The first single "Mummy" was on the play list of a national radio station in Norway for more than two months and sold over 1,500 copies, and lead them to the success of "From the Makers of Ozium." After the release of the second album, the band did extensive touring in the U.S., UK, and their home country. Their shows have received great reviews in Music Week, NME, and others.

pro1In 1999, they had several releases. First, they surprisingly released a single "Hunting High and Low", the cover of A-ha’s hit song, and recorded the soundtrack of the film "Besteborgere" ("Soundtrack EP (Besteborgere)"), contributed two songs to the soundtrack of Thomas Robsahm's popular comedy "S.O.S", and then released the UK single "Small Glimpse".

The Poor Rich One’s scintillating performance at SXSW ’99 music conference in Austin, TX, was attended by several radio music directors who invited the band to be part of the "Nuts and Bolts of Post Modern Rock Radio" panel the following day. Directors from stations all over the U.S. listened to cuts "From Makers of Ozium" with favorable reviews.

proguitarIn 2002, they released the U.S. debut album, "Happy Happy Happy," produced by Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182). It was their third and most accessible album. The album features the evocative and powerful vocals of lead singer William and takes the listener through 11 tracks of perfectly crafted music. Already successful in their home country where in the past they have been compared to Radiohead, REM and Manic Street Preachers, "Happy Happy Happy" brought Poor Rich Ones to the wider international audience that they undoubtedly deserve.

During the recording of "Happy Happy Happy," the original guitarist, Espen decided to leave the band for personal reason. Willam (vocals & guitars), Ludwig (drums), and Tor (bass) continued the recording as a trio, and before the tour in October 2000, the new guitarist, Eivind joined the band.

In 2003 before the U.S. tour, the band released “ Joe Maynard’s Favorites ”. The album contained their best songs prior to “ Happy Happy Happy “ plus 2 brand new songs.