Gavin Castleton began classical piano lessons at 3 years old. He gave his first recital at 5. He wrote his first song when he was 7. It was a delicate piece about the ever-changing seasons. He only completed Spring and Fall, at which point he heard Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and promptly axed the project. In the fifth grade, he befriended Brendan Bell and together they began writing epic duets about marching ants and indians. Then they acquired a rickety drumset, which Brendan played mostly, while Gavin "went electric" with a Radioshack keyboard. Flash forward to 2004 and the band Grüvis Malt, founded by Gavin and Brendan, had toured the US extensively for 9 years, released 6 records independently and 1 with a major label subsidiary, most of which were engineered and produced by Gavin and the band. Flash forward again to 2007, and Gavin has released 7 more records independently and toured the country multiple times with a solo format. This year he has teamed up with Five One Inc. to release four Gavin Castleton records, each one completely different from the last: a electronic folk album, a prog-hip hop album, a gospel album, and a pop/horror movie masterpiece. In addition to producing several other artists this year, he will also be involved with a handful of recordings from his various side projects: Ebu Gogo (featuring Brendan and Justin of Grüvis Malt), One Drop (live drum n' bass hip hop from Orlando), Club D'elf (an improvisational Moroccanjazz band from Boston) and a collaborative EP with UK-based Stateless (on First Word Records). Gavin Castleton loves music.