Even Johansen is a well-known artist in UK and Norway for his work in bands such as Chocolate Overdose, Libido, and Magnet. While still a singer and composer in the London-based Libido, Even has made his first solo album, "Quiet & Still". The album is a true solo album since it was recorded entirely by Johansen, from playing all instruments to engineering and producing.

"The idea for a solo record presented itself when I ended up with 11 songs done and dusted. They all had a similar kind of vibe to them, a vibe that I don’t think you would find in Libido now, nor in the future. The chance explores other avenues musically, and to be as playful as a gibbon, also weighted in quiet heavy." --- Even


Even lived in Dumfries, Scotland, a place he describes as ugly and depressing. That is where he wrote all songs spending nights at the kitchen table with his guitar. The album was recorded in his hometown Bergen, Norway in the summer 2000 while he made a trip to play in London with Libido.